Frequently Asked Questions


Which industries can the 360′ Showcase tours be applied to?

We work across a full range of industries fromĀ automotiveĀ and aviation, through to retail, hotels, property, restaurants and leisure.
When and wherever your customers are, we have a solution that can help make your customers click and make that reservation, booking or purchase.

Are the tours only for sophisticated, web-savvy users?

Our 360′ Showcase tours and site components are new to the UK marketplace, but are highly intuitive and have been developed and refined through listening to feedback from our users and through ongoing development and testing.

There’s something for the novice computer user who takes to our format immediately, through to the more advanced, who are offered something innovative, original and expansive to explore.

How does the process work?

A member of our Account Management team will visit you at your business premises, wherever you are in the UK, in order to understand your requirements and the online opportunities. We’ll take a brief, based on our conversation and will provide you with the opportunity to review and feedback.

The cost of photography, design and development will depend on the complexity of the shoot and the number of requirements gathered. Once the details are agreed, we’ll then arrange a date and time for one of our photographers to visit you and film your business and all your corresponding products and services.

How is the 360′ Showcase tour developed and hosted?

Our Technology team will photograph, stitch together all the 360′ Showcase components and will enable all the required embedded information files this might include, but is not limited to: videos, text fields, booking forms and other digital sources. Our team will then host the executable 360′ Showcase tour, based on your specifications, for an initial contract period of one year.

The tour will operate through your own website and we’ll work with your existing team of web designers and developers to ensure the 360′ Showcase tour is embedded into your website in an optimum way. The process will be overseen by your own Account Manager, who will act as your single point of contact at XXX. Your Account Manager will oversee the entire production process to ensure the 360′ Showcase tour meets your requirements and our high-quality standards.

What if my business requirements change?

Panovisions will work together with you to add information to the 360′ Showcase tour in order to meet your requirements at the day of launch. We’ll also be on-hand to help develop and enrich your 360′ Showcase tour with further features, tools and information as your business grows and expands.
We’ll provide you with a regular update on application usage and statistics. This will help us understand how your customers are using the 360′ Showcase tour and what features are being most used. This insight provides us with the opportunity to make refinements.

How quickly can I have my 360′ Showcase up and running?

From initial phone call to having the 360′ Showcase tour up-and-running on your website should take no more than 2 weeks.
This is dependent on how quickly we are able to secure a date for the photography and filming session.




What’s new for 2015?


Through working in partnership with our customers and based on feedback and insight, we’ve been constantly refining and developing our technology and recent enhancements include:

Go viral through the social networks
Our 360′ Showcase tours can be easily shared through-out the social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – to enable your business to reach new audiences simply through exploiting ‘online word of mouth’.

Better orientation through map integration
Maps can now be included and linked to different viewing angles within the tours. This is sometimes useful for helping customers orientate themselves and your business within the wider geographic area. This has proved popular, for example, in outdoor spaces such as golf courses and hotel grounds.

Create ambience through music and audio effects
Our 360′ Showcase tours can be further enhanced through the use of music. Such atmospheric music and audio effects help to create the right ambience inside a hotel, spa of leisure setting, for example.

Desktop, mobile and tablet compatible
For users on the move, all our 360′ Showcases tours are developed in HTML 5 to be tablet friendly. So, whether your customer is accessing your 360′ Showcase tour from their desktop PC, or on the move via mobile of tablet device – they can be guaranteed an optimum online experience.